How Did It All Start & Who is the Person behind it?

Baby Ultra Enterprise started as a hobby and a home based business in July 2010. It was founded by Dr Izam Suziani Ismail, who then served as a Medical Officer in the Paediatric Department of Hospital Kajang.


The business started with the sale of cloth diapers under the Facebook page “Baby Ultra Cloth Diaper Shop” and Blogspot. Dr Izam was a cloth diaper enthusiast and cloth diapered her children. She realized the benefits of cloth diapering and shared her passion for cloth diapering with friends and colleagues. As they started using cloth diapers and noticing the benefits, they started asking her supply the diapers to them. And that was the beginning of Baby Ultra Enterprise.


Dr Izam then ventured into babywearing at about the same time, but only as a hobby. It was not until she delivered her 4th child, that she realized that her hands were full, and she took babywearing more seriously. She then started to enjoy babywearing and realized the benefits of babywearing to both her child and herself. She shared her experience with her friends and they too got hooked into the practice. Those days, babywearing gears were difficult to acquire. Most of them must be purchased overseas and there were very little local makers. They were very expensive too and therefore babywearing was then practiced mostly by those who can afford it only.


Dr Izam realized that babywearing gears and knowledge need to be more accessible to the local community. She started “Babywearing by Baby Ultra” on Facebook and opened a small shop cum babywearing resource centre in Bandar Baru Bangi in 2013. Dr Izam started to organize babywearing classes then, and completed her Certification Course with Trageschule CIC in December 2015.


Since then, she has organized multiple babywearing classes and workshops all over the country, and has helped many parents through individual consultations at the shop and even in the comfort of their own homes. She has been invited to talk on the matter in events and exhibitions and she has appeared on multiple television shows as well as magazines and newspapers, educating the public about the importance of proper babywearing practices.


Dr Izam recently acquired the Medical Trainers’ Licence (MTL), which enables her to train the trainers in babywearing and she is looking forward to guide more professionals in this industry.


Vision & Mission Statements



To normalize babywearing in Malaysia.




To be the most trusted babywearing advocacy and retail centre in Malaysia by providing awareness on safe and comfortable babywearing practices.

To promote babywearing as a means to strengthen family bonds and to build a loving society.

To help maximize benefits of babywearing to both baby and wearer.

To provide a vast option of ergonomic babywearing gears to suit different needs and lifestyles.