Premature baby babywearing

Lately i have received a lot of enquiries  regarding babywearing a newborn premature baby.
They are tiny- babywearing them may not be as easy as wearing a good weight, term baby.

Issues with premature babies include:

1. Baby carrier size- most baby carriers are too big and overwhelming for a tiny preemie. Because of this, they may pose a hazard to the baby

2. The baby’s body tone- most preemies have low body tone. This means they are more ‘floppy’ compared to term babies. They must be worn in a carrier that supports their body very well, yet soft and mouldable enough to not hurt them

Despite that, babywearing is one of the best things you could do with your premature baby. It helps him gain weight faster, reduces apnoea, stimulates his senses, helps him latch and nurse and reduces reflux.

It helps you bond with him and it helps you to relax.

But as babywearing a premature baby may not be as straight forward as wearing a term baby, i highly recommend that you find a Babywearing Consultant to help you out. It may seem like a lot of work, but believe me, it is worth all the effort and time when you see your baby grow right in your arms ❤.

Happy babywearing!
Dr Izam Suziani

Certified Babywearing Consultant & Trainer.


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